CIMG0841Cal Martini Color– where celebrity and non-celebrity clients alike get the highest level of care and individualized attention. 
Cal Martini Color”   is an upscale, European-style environment with a laid-back vibe.   Here you can truly relax, as you benefit from the expertise of one of the finest Colorists on the West Coast.

During your consultation Cal will really listen to you as you describe the look you want. And then together you will explore the many possibilities there are for you. Always up on the most current trends and technologies in hair color, Cal will help you find the trend, the look, and the feel that is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

When you leave Cal Martini Color it will be with soft, silky, shiny, hair enhanced with the finest color on the market, using the most cutting edge technology. Best of all you will have the look you most desire, and you will look sensational!

Your Sexy, Touchable Hair Color

Cal Martini is a prodigy of  legendary hair colorist, Beth Minardi and is a member of the prestigious, educational “Mac CAL#3Team” for her product, Beth Minardi Signature Shades. These rich, dimensional hues are over-the-top shiny, silky and sexy.

Beth Minardi Signature Shades is the newest technology in hair color to date, and they are the only color line that Cal will use on your hair. Using the Beth Minardi Signature Shades not only gives you a wider variety of gorgeous new hair color choices, the quality of the hair color product, and the way it was formulated ensures that your hair will be in better condition after coloring than before.


Cal Martini Color, is tucked inside of the Rodeo Collection, a charming center at the North end of RodeoDrive. You will find from the moment you step inside the lush courtyard of the Rodeo Collection the hustle of Beverly Hills is left behind.  Just ahead, Cal Martini, awaits you. Prepare to be pampered and prepare to be gorgeous while in the hands of a friendly, caring Beauty Expert at Cal Martini Color.