Martini Color Enhancing Shamppoo

Banana Martini Color Enhancing shampoo

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Cognac Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo

Cognac Martini Glass 2

Champagne Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo


Banana Martini Enhancing Color shampoo.......Think of inside of a banana. Very light and creamy. Restores light and creamy tones, shine and luster back into color of you hair. ........Cal $39.00 8oz
Cognac Martini Enhancing Color Shampoo.....Beautiful rich copper gold tones with beautiful shine and shimmer. ........Cal $39.00 8oz
Champagne Martini Enhancing Color Shampoo....Replenishing Stunning warm golden shinny tones. ........Cal $39.00 8oz

Honey Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo

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Dark Chocolate Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo


Chestnut Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo


Honey Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo..... For those who want the richest golden hue tones, this is the one for you. Think of Clover honey! Just beautiful. ........Cal $39.00 8oz
Dark Chocolate Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo..... The name says it all. Rich deep chocolate tone the still give beautiful shine in the hair. ........Cal $39.00 8oz
Chestnut Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo...... That beautiful rich golden brown that sparkles and just make you want to fall in love with it. ........Cal $39.00 8oz

Apricot Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo


Cherry Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo


Dark Chocolate Cherry Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo


Apricot Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo........ A lot of people call this strawberry color, but it’s not. The true vision of strawberry hair color is real a very much Apricot. A rich copper golden with mega shine and luster. ........Cal $39.00 8oz
Cherry Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo: Cherry Martini Shampoo Brightens & Intensifies “Maraschino" cherry tones to the highlights of your hair…… Cal $39.00 8oz
Dark Chocolate Cherry Martini Color Shampoo: Increase mystery & depth of dark chocolate warmed with "maraschino" cherry tones. You want to eat it up!… Cal $39.00 8oz

Espresso Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo

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Irish Cream Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo

Irish Cream Coffee Martini Color Shampoo

Peach Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo


Espresso Martini Color Shampoo: The deepest, “Coolest” color shampoo; gives the depth of an Espresso with shimmer!............Cal $39.00 8oz
Irish Cream Coffee Martini Color Shampoo: For Cool Eastern European deep blonde color. This is a cool soft blonde color. No worries of it going too gold or too warm…… Cal $39.00 8oz
Peach Martini Color Shampoo: Beautiful golden copper with rich highlights and shine. Peach is ideal for light auburn browns and deep auburn blonds…..Cal $39.00 8oz

Platinum Martini Color Enhancing Shampoo

Platinum Martini

Strawberry Martini Enhancing Shampoo


Tangerine Martini Enhancing Shampoo


Platinum Martini Color Shampoo: The best for ashy cool light tones. This one is perfect for platinum blondes or gray hair that tends to go yellow or brass…. Cal $39.00 8oz
Strawberry Martini Color Shampoo: True strawberry blonde does have some red/apricot color. This is a rich light apricot/red. Your color will shine to an unbelievable brilliance. … Cal $39.00 8oz
Tangerine Martini Color Shampoo: This is a beautiful copper orange color; the shine is vibrant and rich…. Cal $39.00 8oz